Press Release

Press Release

Lyreco joins forces with Partech to strengthen its innovation program

Lyreco joins forces with Partech to strengthen its innovation program

The Lyreco Group, European leader and number three worldwide in the distribution of workplace supplies solutions to businesses, is marking its entry into the world of venture capital with a first investment in the Partech Entrepreneur III fund. The move to partner with Partech, a pioneer in corporate relations, sees Lyreco accelerate its transformation strategy with innovation at the heart of its development.

Lyreco Group announces an agreement to acquire Intersafe and Elacin

On December 19th 2018, Lyreco reached an agreement with Broadview Holding to acquire Intersafe and Elacin, 2 major players in the PPE market in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. Completion of the transaction will take place after the approval by the competition authority in the Netherlands.

Lyreco Group: new identity, new positioning.

The Lyreco Group, leading European distributor and third largest global distributor of workplace solutions for businesses, today unveils its new positioning. This development embodies the Group's strategic ambitions and recalls the Lyreco values, which make up the key elements of its DNA: a relationship of trust with its customers, suppliers and partners, the valuing of its employees and their skills and its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

Lyreco App

Lyreco launches its new mobile app, putting more flexibility, adaptability and augmented reality into the hands of its clients/users

Managers are mobile and constantly connected with “right-now” becoming second nature to them. The new Lyreco mobile app responds to this by providing a unique link between paper catalogues and online stores allowing customers to perform their regular tasks in real-time whatever device they are connected to.

Still rare in the B2B sector, augmented reality is a great tool to deliver an improved product discovery experience for customers as well as allowing Lyreco associates to facilitate purchases by their clients

This app will be released across the world in all of the 26 countries of the Lyreco Group, beginning in early 2015.

An App Developed for Clients/Users

Digitalisation is impacting our everyday lives in so many ways and business life is no different. Professionals are constantly adapting their behaviours to new technologies and changes to society with reduced sedentary work, increased mobility, more home-working and connectivity everywhere for everyone at all times. Lyreco's new mobile app responds to these new practices.

Building on existing customer tools, this app extends the way that traditional paper catalogues are used and makes the online store a breeze to use.  It delivers the key features that Lyreco clients have asked for, whilst retaining the key features they are used to when shopping on-line: simple product search, easy to order, account management and order approval.  All at their fingertips, wherever they may be.

The Lyreco App Provides These Functions:

- Real-time price and stock availability 24/7
- Complete catalogue search
- Fully synchronised with on-line activity: shopping basket takes into account all orders, whether placed through the web store or through the app;
- One-click ordering, including a basket that had been started on the online store, thanks to the synchronisation of tools;
- Approval or rejection in real-time of purchases made by associates;
- Account management

Augmented Reality Makes Content Rich and Multifaceted

Having been gradually incorporated into consumer catalogues, augmented reality is still uncommon in applications in the business world. Brands and users are just beginning to utilise this technology, which promises many exciting opportunities when used on a corporate sales site. Augmented reality allows moving beyond fixed and static content to dynamic content that enriches the discovery of products in an extremely powerful and simple way.  By simply scanning page, users can immediately launch a video, 3D animation, a PDF, a call to action, a telephone number for Customer Relations, etc.

This enrichment of the overall product discovery experience is there to help make the lives of customers more simple, facilitating purchasing decisions and account management.

Augmented reality will also help our sales associates to deliver even higher levels of customer care, by providing them access to rich data in the palm of their hands.



Lyreco is delighted to announce the signature of a new strategic alliance with Principado (Mexico)

Founded in 1993, Principado is a family-owned business headquartered in Mexico DF. The company has generated 2 digit growth for the last 4 years and employs 150 people. With 3 distributions centers in the country (Mexico DF, Monterrey and Guadalajara), Principado provides a nationwide coverage to its customers. Its fleet of vans enables to provide a next day delivery proposition in these cities. Interestingly aligned with Lyreco’s strategy, Principado enlarges its product range to embrace the workplace environment by adding PPE, hygiene or catering products to its assortment.

“Partnering with an international workplace supplies solutions leader will be a major asset”, stated General Manager of Principado. “Lyreco’s international customers will be recommended one of the best service propositions in Mexico”.

Steve Law, CEO of Lyreco declared “This partnership in Mexico offers a solution to our international customers in the 5 main economies of the American continent (USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina).” “Over the last 3 years, 11 new partners have joined the Lyreco’s community of partners which enables Lyreco’s international sales team to confidently propose an industry leading coverage with 45 countries worldwide to their customers and prospects.” added Ludovic Teinte, Group Development Director of Lyreco.


NOVEXCO and LYRECO announces acquisition of LYRECO CANADA by NOVEXCO and their new STRATEGIC ALLIANCE

Novexco, the largest group of independent retailers in the business solutions sector for various workplaces in Eastern Canada, acquired the Canadian division of Lyreco.
This decision meets the business objectives of both companies because Lyreco Canada was in a phase of divestiture in Canada and Novexco was seeking to become a player Canada-wide.
"We are thrilled to be able to integrate such expertise and effectiveness as demonstrated by Lyreco Canada into our operations, and we believe that with this new acquisition Novexco will be in a better position than ever to maintain its original mission to provide innovative business solutions designed to build customer satisfaction and loyalty," stated Robert de Montigny, President and CEO of Novexco.
“I am convinced tha the combined operations of Novexco and Lyreco Canada will create a much stronger player on the Canadian market place. In addition, the creation of our strategic partnership will enable us to serve our international customers with an enhanced proposition“ declared Steve Law, CEO of Lyreco.

About Novexco
Novexco is an entirely Canadian company that invests in this country and in the interest of the Canadian economy. With more than 14,000 products in stock, Novexco operates in both the business market and the consumer market through a broad distribution network that includes independent retailers, resellers and direct sales to businesses.
Since its creation, Novexco has given itself the mission of providing its partners with a full range of services, from procurement to marketing, including IT solutions.